Episode 1 - Why Hiring Your Kids Might Be a Good Idea

Find out how to maximize your deductions by putting your kids on your payroll on this premiere episode of The Wealthy Wallet with Monika Hengesbach.


Episode 2 - Tax-Smart Real Estate Strategies for Property Investors

Understanding real estate taxes, depreciation, write-offs and tax planning strategies that will benefit real estate investors is our topic today on Episode 2 of The Wealthy Wallet with Monika Hengesbach.


Episode 3 - Sharon Sherley-Mylius on Maximizing Rental Income and Streamlining Loan Processes

Sharon Sherley-Mylius, an expert in banking, shares valuable insights on the types of investment properties, the structure of loan products for real estate investors, and the process of loan acquisition. She also sheds light on how rental income is calculated for real estate investors and the factors that can speed up the loan process. This enlightening interview on a new episode of The Wealthy Wallet with podcast host Monika Hengesbach provides a wealth of knowledge for both seasoned and aspiring real estate investors.


Episode 4 - Managing Legal Pitfalls as an Entrepreneur

In this episode of The Wealthy Wallet, host Monika Hengesbach invites Aron Phillips to dive into the intricacies of business ownership and the legal obligations that come with it. He offers valuable insights into common legal pitfalls faced by entrepreneurs and cautions against relying solely on online services. Together, they explore the nuances of business structures and emphasize the significance of personalized legal advice. Listen to gain a deeper understanding of property business ownership complexities and how to navigate them effectively.


Episode 5 - Proper Business Structure: Which One Is Right For You?

In this episode of The Wealthy Wallet, Monika Hengesbach, CEO of Decision Financial Services, explores business entity structures and their tax implications. She emphasizes insights from a previous episode with attorney Aron Phillips and discusses sole proprietorships, LLCs, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations. Monika also shares practical tax strategies, including the Augusta Rule, and dives into taxable income variations across entities. The episode also addresses psychological biases in financial decision-making and the role of technology, stressing the importance of strategic planning and human judgment for financial success.


Episode 6 - Do You Think You're Ready For Retirement? ...Are You Sure?!

In this episode of The Wealthy Wallet, Monika Hengesbach tackles financial planning intricacies with Steve Jenkins, a Certified Financial Planner. Steve shares his journey from medical equipment sales to financial services in 2001, his insurance-based experience, and the founding of his firm in 2019. We explore detailed client discussions, early planning benefits, and the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Topics include roth conversions, hidden taxes, charitable giving strategies, and the impact of inflation on financial planning, highlighting annuities and life insurance as vital tools.

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